We Can Be as Happy as We Choose to BE. We Can All Live Magnificent Lives! “The 21 steps to Magnificent Living is the guide I have used for my own personal development. These are all virtues by which I attempt to live each day in my quest to be the best I can be on that given day. I offer these 21 Steps to you as a tool to invoke clear understanding on your journey to happiness, harmony, and inner peace.” — Carl Powell Learn to accept life as it comes with a Positive Mental Attitude. Combine your mental, physical, and spiritual energies to create the life you desire. Maintain a blissful and productive state of mind in spite of daily challenges Add purpose and to your life while improving your outlook of the future. Inside these pages you will find 21 solid - yet surprisingly simple- principles that, when consistently applied, will turn every day into a great day. The 21 Steps to Magnificent Living program is designed to give you long-lasting results and enable you to not only find your “Flow”, but to live in it every day!

21 Steps to Magnificent Living book


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